Australian Manufacturer of Aluminium Scaffold & Platforms

A family owned business, with 30 years industry experience and knowledge between father and son, the team at Star Aluminium are skilled and practiced in all areas of scaffolding construction and implementation. Having a strong presence in the business, the owners are continuously present overseeing the hard and quality work being produced at their new factory in Braeside, ensuring all engineering guidelines are strictly being followed.
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Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers & Scaffold Platform Fabrications

At Star Aluminium, we take great pride in striving to produce the very best aluminium products available on the Australian market – and offering them to you at the very best value.

Serving the construction, mining, transport, civil, government and commercial sectors of the economy, our high-quality products are designed and manufactured according to Australian Standards, guaranteeing the complete safety of those who use them.

As dedicated and versatile aluminium manufacturers, we produce both standard and custom-made aluminium scaffolding, as well as aluminium fabrications, scaffold platforms, trestles and planks and mezzanine ladders.

Our wide range of machines, tools and other resources combined with our team of talented and experienced staff allows us to guarantee that all our products are designed and made by fully-qualified engineers and fabricators using the most innovative technology available in the whole industry.

The result is a huge range of aluminium scaffolding, aluminium fabrications and other aluminium products of matchless quality and impeccable safety standards.

Due to our ever growing demand both nationally and internationally Star Aluminium now provides manufacturing facilities in our facility situated in Shanghai. For bulk orders on any products – whether that be custom or standard products. For a price comparison between locally made at our Braeside branch and off shore manufacturing at our Shanghai branch please call us on (03) 9587 5663.

Top-Quality Aluminium Manufacturers

When it comes to the design and manufacture of our products, quality is at the heart of everything we do. From selecting the initial material to the final stages of the manufacturing process, we’re committed to ensuring that only the very best quality aluminium products are offered up to our valued customers.

As a company built upon the principle that there’s no point working on a product unless it’s of the very highest possible quality and value, we pride ourselves on producing the strongest, most durable and corrosive resistant aluminium products on the Australian market.

Our products are made using the material 6061T6, an aluminium alloy that forms well under heat and so is easy to use for welding, forming and bending. It is also noted for its strength and durability, and is particularly lightweight – making it the perfect material for creating the best and safest aluminium products.

Our aluminium scaffolding and scaffold platforms, as well as all our other products, are products we truly believe in as we don’t sell products we don’t think our customers will want to recommend to their friends and business-partners.

Family Owned Aluminium Scaffolding Business

Star Aluminium is a family owned and operated business. Whilst we have developed into a thriving enterprise with many employees, we’re still led by the same father and son team. With over thirty years of experience and accumulated knowledge between father and son, the entire Star Aluminium team and our customers couldn’t be in more capable hands.

The owners are truly passionate about their industry and are keen to maintain a strong presence on the shop-floor, overseeing procedures, ensuring best-practice and guaranteeing that all engineering guidelines are followed at all times.

Their practical, hands-on approach to management means that at Star Aluminium we don’t just provide the professionalism and peace-of-mind of working with a successful, reputable company; we also still provide the same intimate attention to detail and friendly customer service that you get from a small family firm.

Aluminium Manufacturers

Aluminium manufacturers have a great responsibility to produce only the very best, strongest and most durable products. By failing to recognise and live up to this responsibility, a company would be putting the health and safety of innumerable workers at risk.

It is therefore absolutely essential that any business in this industry commits to putting the quality of their products before their budget, and takes seriously their responsibility to ensure the products they sell to their customers are of an extremely high standard.

As a family business we’re driven by our values, and we firmly believe that the only way aluminium manufacturers can guarantee the safety and quality of their aluminium scaffolding, aluminium fabrications and other products is by remaining in full control of the entire

Of course, cheaper options are available on the market, but we guarantee well-made, top-quality products that are practical, long-lasting and 100% safe.

Unlike many other aluminium manufacturers, we understand the entire process to get the best results for our customers.

Due to our ever growing demand both nationally and internationally Star Aluminium now provides manufacturing facilities in our facility situated in Shanghai. For bulk orders on any products – whether that be custom or standard products. For a price comparison between locally made at our Braeside branch and off shore manufacturing at our Shanghai branch please call us on (03) 9587 5663.

The Best Aluminium Scaffolds & Scaffold Platforms

Another beneficial result of our intimate knowledge of the entire manufacturing process is that we’re able to offer a fully personalised service to our customers.

Whilst we have many standard products that are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of almost all customers, in the event that you’re unable to find a product that meets your particular requirements we’re more than happy to be flexible.

After consulting with you to establish your specific individual needs, we’ll be able to offer you a tailor-made product that matches perfectly with the particular requirements of your business.

Aluminium Manufacturers You Can Trust

Whether you’re looking for aluminium scaffolding, aluminium fabrications, scaffold platforms or any other aluminium product, Star Aluminium are the reputable Australian aluminium manufacturers you can trust.

Our experienced staff, state-of-the-art machinery and meticulous approach to the manufacturing process all combine to form a company that consistently produces only the very best and safest aluminium products.

So if you’re looking to buy affordable, quality aluminium products in Australia, Star Aluminium have got your needs covered. Contact a member of our friendly team today for more information about our business and products – we’re happy to discuss tailor-made solutions to all your aluminium needs.

Star Aluminium is Australia’s leading aluminium manufacturer, providing high quality aluminium fabrications. We specialise mobile scaffolding, mobile aluminium stairs, mobile aluminium work platform ladders and access platform ladders.

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Star Aluminium – A Proud Manufacturer

Star Aluminium is a family owned and operated business based in Melbourne servicing companies across Australia. With more than 30 years of combined experience between father and son, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products for the best value. We strive to impress our customers and have built up a loyal customer base over the years. Whether it is a large or small orders, we will provide you with the very best solution.

Due to our ever growing demand both nationally and internationally Star Aluminium now provides manufacturing facilities in our facility situated in Shanghai. For bulk orders on any products – whether that be custom or standard products. For a price comparison between locally made at our Braeside branch and off shore manufacturing at our Shanghai branch please call us on (03) 9587 5663.

Our Product Range

Star manufactures a variety of products including:

Solutions for Australian Industries

Star Aluminium manufactures quality products that are used in industries including construction, mining, commercial, government, transport and civil. Our qualified engineers and fabricators are also able to design custom products that comply with Australian Standards to ensure the safety of the users and those in the vicinity.

Locally Made Quality Products

We manufacture our products onsite at our premises in Braeside, Melbourne, Australia. We use the most innovative technology and skilled staff in the industry. Our site has incredible machinery and tools, providing us with the highest level of resources. These facilities enable us to work on our standard and custom-made aluminium scaffolding and aluminium ladder platforms, trestles and planks and mezzanine ladders. As an Australian manufacturing business, we are unique to the industry. Star Aluminium produces high-quality Australian-made products that we are proud to sell. We understand the construction process, adhere to engineering guidelines, and are able to tailor-make products upon request.

We Customise Products

A primary focus of Star Aluminium is our constant investment in customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to ensure all of products satisfy our customers’ needs. If we can’t offer a suitable product, we develop a customised solution. We will consult with you, discuss your requirements, and come to a consensus about the most appropriate solutions for your business. Whether it is aluminium scaffolding, aluminium ladder platforms, trestles and planks, or mezzanine ladders, our skilled team will look after your every need.

Our Customers Return

We believe there is no point on working on a product unless it is of the highest quality and value. We create durable products that satisfy our customers and, as a result, they feel comfortable recommending the use of our services. To get an idea of what our customers think about Star Aluminium, read our Testimonials.

Delivery Australia Wide

We deliver across Australia including:

  • New South Wales
  • ACT
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania

We also provide freight overseas! That’s right – we now export our products internationally! For more information on any of our products, phone Star on 1300 139 435 or make an online enquiry.

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Star Aluminium is a cut above the rest and the service we receive from them is second to none. Ali’s service in particular is outstanding. Having conducted many site inspections upon request either on the same day or the next is a testament to their proficiency and sound business approach. Their ability to supply us with numerous platforms for various projects, and prioritising the importance of safety on all products, has been most impressive. We are at ease knowing that Star Aluminium will ensure all products are manufactured to meet Australian Standards. Their ability to meet our deadlines and approach all requests with a can-do attitude makes them a preferred supplier and a pleasure to do business with. The quality of service provided by Star Aluminium is one that is becoming harder to find.

Luke Bombardier Luke