About Star Aluminium

Over 30 years of experience

Star Aluminium Platforms is an Australian-owned and operated business based in Melbourne servicing both Australia-wide & Internationally.

With over 30 years combined experience between father and son, we pride ourselves on offering the very best quality products for the best value. As a family business, we have built up a loyal customer base over the years, many of whom still use our services today. Whether it is a large or small order for a few or many of our locally made products, we will provide you with the very best outcome.

Locally Made Quality Products

An Australia-owned and operated manufacturing company located in Keybsorough, we manufacture our products using innovative technology and skilled staff. Our site has incredible machinery and tools to provide us with the highest level of resources and enable us to work on our custom-made solutions, aluminium mobile scaffolding, ladder platforms, staircases, trestles, and mezzanine ladders.

Due to our ever-growing demand both nationally and internationally Star Aluminium now provides manufacturing in our facility situated in Shanghai. For bulk orders on any products – whether that be custom or standard products. For a price comparison between locally made at our Keysborough branch and offshore manufacturing at our Shanghai branch please call us on (03) 9587 5663.

Customisation Available

A primary focus of Star Aluminium Platforms is our constant investment in customer satisfaction. This is why we offer tailor-made solutions to ensure products satisfy our customers’ requirements. We will consult with you, discuss your requirements, needs and come to a collective resolution about the most appropriate solutions for your business and specifications.

We believe in quality and durable products that our customers feel comfortable recommending and using our services again. We also believe there is no point in working on a product unless it is of the highest quality and value. Whether it is aluminium mobile scaffolding, ladder platforms, trestles, and planks, or mezzanine ladders, our team of trained and skilled staff will look after your every need.


Star Aluminium Platforms provides various after-care services. All our products come with 3 years manufacturing warranty valid from the date of purchase. Our STAR Scaffolds are the exception with 10 years manufacturing warranty. Our standard products such as our work platforms & truck access platforms come with engineering certification for OH&S compliance whilst our STAR Scaffolds are registered with WorkSafe for compliance. We utilize a qualified engineer who can certify other products at the customer’s request and cost.

Being an Australian and family-owned and operated business customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We cater to all requests. We understand that the best way in achieving success is through the development of quality products, high customer service, and realistic lead times. We provide everything from maintenance inspections, repairs, and on-site inspections.

What is 6061T6?

Aluminum alloys are categorized into casting alloys and wrought alloys. They are graded with a 4-digit number which identifies their major alloying element. For example, the 2XXX aluminium alloy includes copper, 4XXX includes silicon, and 6XXX includes magnesium and silicon.

Wrought alloys, such as the 6061 alloy, are extruded, rolled, or forged into specified shapes. Some are heat-treated or cold-worked to increase their strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication, and other advantages.

The alpha-numeric suffix, such as T6, represents the temper or degree of hardness. It also represents the method used to obtain the hardness. For example, in the 6061T6 aluminum alloy, the “T6” indicates that it was heat treated with a solution and artificially aged.

Why We Use 6061T6?

At Star Aluminium we choose to use 6061T6 for our mobile scaffolding, aluminium stairs, and other equipment because it forms well under immense heat so is easy to use for welding, forming, and bending.

Other benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight

Other Uses for 6061T6

It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry for applications such as:

  • Bicycle frames and components
  • Fly fishing reels
  • Secondary chambers and baffle systems in firearm sound suppressors
  • Aluminum dock and gangway extrusions

Made to Last

We strongly believe in quality products – especially when the health and wellbeing of workers is at stake. We understand that we have a great responsibility to produce durable and tough products, which is why we insist on manufacturing all our products to the according industry regulations and specifications. Each product we construct is of highest quality and has been designed to complete the job in the most efficient way possible.