Cantilever Platforms


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Star Aluminium provide extensive ranges of platforms with the latest being our Aluminium Cantilever Platforms. Designed for access to those hard places. Our cantilever platforms come with counter weight to ensure it is not a tipping hazard.


Constructed out of structural aluminium with an alloy temper of 6061T6 and a S.W.L of 200kg. These platforms have been utilised as tram and train maintenance platforms, construction platforms, fuel tank platforms and maintenance docking systems.


Standard wheel system is 4 polyurethane castors but upgrades are available to scaffold castors and pneumatic castors upon specification. Forklift pockets can also be manufactured upon request.


Manufactured to the Australian standards AS/NZS 1170.0-2002, AS1657-2018, AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 with 2 years manufacturing warranty.


Aftercare & Maintenance:

All our standard products have been stamped to compliance with engineering certification provided for gull OH&S compliance. Furthermore a minimum of 2 years manufacturing warranty is issued at no additional cost. All our products are designed and tested to the Australian standards. Still not enough? We provide assessment renewal and product inspections as required.

We recommend that all work platforms are inspected monthly to ensure there is no damage from external factors that can cause a safety issue to the user/s and those around. Use of a damaged platform is a hazard. We recommend that you tag the platform as “out of service”, call us to discuss the required repairs in order to bring the platform back up to code.