The Civil Industry

Star Aluminium supplies the civil industry with vast quantities of high-quality products and has built a solid reputation within the industry.

We manufacture our products to meet Australian Standards and all relevant building codes. We prioritise safety as the number one consideration in the fabrication of our products.

High-Profile Clients

Star Aluminium supplies products to large companies including Delta Group, Delta Rent and Aus Pits.

Preferred Products

Civil companies source Star Aluminium products including:

If you are sourcing products for a civil company within Australia or overseas and would like to discover more about Star Aluminium’s product range, phone us on 1300 305 200 or make an online enquiry.


Hear what our loyal customers have to say…
“Star Aluminium delivered what they promised: timely, durable, safe and cost-effective custom products … I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.” – Pacific National

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At Star Aluminium we take on a range of jobs – small and large scale – and work within a variety of budgets. View images of our products getting the job done in a range of workplaces.

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