No Bolt 4700 Scaffolding series

Important information about No Bolt Scaffolding

Star Aluminium Important notice

As you are aware No Bolt issued a letter on the 25th of February 2015 advising in their decision to cease the manufacturing & sale of scaffolds as of the 31st March 2015 on wards.

As a result of No Bolt’s decision we at Star Aluminium have taken over the No Bolt 4700 Scaffolding series division, meaning Star Aluminium solely have the right to manufacture & sell scaffolding compatible with the No Bolt 4700 scaffolding series. We have acquired all the apparatus needed in the manufacturing of these scaffolds including jigs & exclusive access to various extrusions dies. This will take effect as of the 3rd of June 2015.

For inquiries or to place an order please give us a call on (03) 9587 5663 or email us via

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