Introducing STAR Aluminium new product – Self Levelling Stairs



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Star Aluminium Self levelling Stairs is a great temporary access unit manufactured to suit various heights in one product.

The product comes in various sizes as follows, with anti yellow epoxy nosing (anti slip), high vis yellow hand railing for OH&S compliance.

Star Aluminium Self Levelling are a great temporary access meaning no permits required among the building industry.

These units come in two widths:

  • Single width 650mm
  • Double width 1200mm

Single width units have a S.W.L of 225kg and Doublr width units have a S.W.L of 450kg.


Model Height range (Min ~ Max) Load rating Approx.weight
SLS650x6steps 600mm ~ 1400mm 225kg 60kg
SLS650x9steps 1290mm ~ 2100mm 225kg 85kg
SLS650x12steps 1800mm ~ 2750mm 225kg 107kg
SLS650x15steps 2600mm ~ 3400mm 225kg 131kg
SLS650x18steps 3300mm ~ 4100mm 225kg 156kg
SLS1200x6steps 600mm ~ 1400mm 450kg 77kg
SLS1200x9steps 1290mm ~ 2100mm 450kg 111kg
SLS1200x12steps 1800mm ~ 2750mm 450kg 141kg
SLS1200x15steps 2600mm ~ 3400mm 450kg 170kg
SLS1200x18steps 3300mm ~ 4100mm 450kg 204kg